Beautiful Maine Coons in California

Maine Giants Cattery is a private breeder devoted to the distinctive European lines of Maine Coons cats and kittens. We proudly strive to continually produce healthy, exquisite European features while maintaining the gentle-giant’s temperament of the breed. Specializing in companion Maine Coons that present the calm temperament to work with the neuro diverse community.

About Me

The beginning of Maine Giants

It all started when it was time to say good-bye to my 18 and 21 year old gigantic domestic short hair cats, Lucca 18, and Kitty 21 years old. This prompted me to begin the search for the perfect family and special needs friendly pedigreed cat, and that is when I came across something that changed my life, The Maine Coon cat.

We are a private cattery with the priority to breed exquisite European featured, healthy, and gentle Maine Coon Cats and Kittens.

our Adoption process

Ready to start the process of Getting Your Maine Giants Coon?

Purchasing a pedigreed Maine Coon kitten is thrilling. We want you to experience joy and a comfort knowing you will soon live your dream of owning a Maine Coon Kitten. During this process we want you and your family to rest assured we are here for you

Fill Out Kitten Application

Please complete the application to provide your information for our records. This is necessary to contact you with available kitten updates and specially to schedule fun facetimes and Zooms with your Maine Coon kitten.

Choose Kitten and Pay Deposit

After four to six weeks to eight weeks of their birthing date, you will confirm the one you want one. Once a kitten has been selected, a deposit of $500 is made immediately to Maine Giants Cattery.

Zoom Meetings and Go Home Planning!

Once you have chosen your Maine Coon kitten, we will begin to send a schedule for meetings on ZOOM or Facetime with your new Maine Coon kitten. Pictures and videos will be sent to you and your family.

About the Maine Coon

Welcome to The World of Maine Coons!

There is nothing that compares to watching your own kittens develop into a BIG and BEAUTIFUL Maine Coon Cat.

Maine Giants Maine Coons are majestic, gentle European type that love their families. We pride ourselves on gentle lion-looking beauties.

The love of a Maine Coon is indescribable. They are larger, longer, and more muscular than the typical domestic shot or long hair cats.

When they are in the mood for love, they push their way to be noticed and demand attention when they want it. They chirp and trill, an amazing experience in your home.

We are looking forward in working together as your journey of owning a Maine Coon kitten begins.

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